Banjomute The Iucci

Banjomute The Iucci
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Gold Tone The Iucci Banjo Mut e While Wayne was visiting noted banjo collector Jim Bolman, he... mehr
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Gold Tone The Iucci Banjo Mute
While Wayne was visiting noted banjo collector Jim Bolman, he came upon an antique banjo mute that was similar in concept to Gold Tone's Ultimate Banjo Mute. Made by the Iucci banjo company in the 1930s, it had some features that Wayne thought would be perfect for a deluxe mute made for those that want the best. Gold Tone's Iucci mute slides onto the bridge more easily, produces sweeter tone due to its heavy weight, which enhances sustain. There is no better mute for quiet practice or expressive tone for ballads or soloing.




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