Cool Tube Preamp CTP3

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Takamine Preamp CTP3 Cool Tube (passt in den Standard Preamp Schacht) The CTP-3... mehr
Informationen zum Produkt "Cool Tube Preamp CTP3"

Takamine Preamp CTP3 Cool Tube (passt in den Standard Preamp Schacht)

The CTP-3 CoolTube, the first and only onboard tube preamp for acoustic guitar, produces a rich, full sound. It takes its name from innovative Takamine technology that runs its 12AU7 dual-triode vacuum tube at very low voltages-so low that it stays cool to the touch-with variable tube tone that can be adjusted from bright and brilliant to thick and warm.

The full-range EQ section uses shelving filters to sculpt bass and treble frequencies, with semi-parametric shaping control over the midrange. A control knob adjusts the frequency from 250Hz to 5kHz, and a pinpoint-precise onboard chromatic tuner is standard equipment. Other features include Mid and High cut switches for a second pickup.


  • Volume
  • Low/Mid/High
  • Mid-Frequency
  • Cool Tube
  • Notch
  • Aux Pu Mix Volume
  • Aux Pu Gain


  • Cool Tube Standby
  • Tuner Power On-Off(With Mute)
  • Tuner Pitch Change
  • Notch Cut Level Select(-6Db/-1 2Db)
  • Main Pu Gain(Stee14-Nylon)
  • Aux Pu Eq(Mid Cut/High Cut)
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