AG-Mic Kondensator Mic für A2

AG-Mic Kondensator Mic für A2
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Kondensatormikrofon für A2 Endpinvorverstärker With the advent of the 1470 AST, the... mehr
Informationen zum Produkt "AG-Mic Kondensator Mic für A2"

Kondensatormikrofon für A2 Endpinvorverstärker

With the advent of the 1470 AST, the perception of making acoustic guitars sound more alive has changed. In the past, combining the signal of a B-Band UST and the B-Band Condenser Microphone had been the ultimate in reproducing all the nuances of an acoustic guitar's sound. Some may still prefer the qualities that a great soundhole condenser microphone can produce. For those who do, the B-Band Condenser Microphone is the perfect match for the UST or AST.

The special requirements of acoustic instruments prompted us to design the microphone with a bass roll-off built into it. The mic holder clamp and gooseneck provided allow easy installation and adjustment of mic position. The B-Band transducers and B-Band Condenser Microphone are accessed separately via a standard 6.3 mm / 1/4' TRS stereo cable with our A2 (guitar).

The B-Band Condenser Microphone can be used with the A2 preamp at the second channel instead of the AST. The AG-MIC only works with the model A2 preamp (not A2.2).

AG-MIC Specifications:
Pattern: Noise canceling (bass roll-off at medium-to-high distances from the mic)
Frequency response: 100 Hz - 10 kHz
Sensitivity: 2.0 mV/Pa ±4 dB @ 50 cm / 20', 1 kHz
S/N ratio: > 58 dB
Supply voltage range: 1.5 - 10 V
Supply current: < 0.5 mA
Weight (with clamp): 20 g
Cable length: 60 cm / 24

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