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Martin 18A0058 VT1 Goldplus Fishmans classic Acoustic Matrix Natural preamp with the added... mehr
Informationen zum Produkt "18A0058 VT1 GoldplusFishman PU"

Martin 18A0058 VT1 Goldplus Fishmans classic Acoustic Matrix Natural preamp with the added benefit of ergonomic soundhole-mounted Volume and Tone rotary controls. Features the same tried-and-true, flagship Acoustic Matrix pickup found in all of our other premium systems.

The VTI is for small Bodies.

Zitat von der Fishman Homepage:
Whats the Difference between the Martin Gold Plus and the Acoustic Matrix?
In a previous Tech Tip (see Tech Tip Nr 10), we discussed how to choose the correct Acoustic Matrix system for your guitar. The differences between the Natural 1 and the Natural 2 were explained in detail to help you make the correct choice for your instrument. Here, we will answer a common question about the Martin Gold Plus. The Martin Guitar Co. has been a great friend and business Partner with Fishman for many years. They market and sell many Fishman products under the Martin Brand name. In the case of the Acoustic Matrix, the name Gold Plus is used. The Martin Gold Plus is the Acoustic Matrix Natural 1, narrow format 3/32, and the Martin Gold Plus Max is the Acoustic Matrix Natural 2, narrow format 3/32. No tricks, no gimmicks, just the same quality components with different names. The Fishman version also offers the option of a wide format, 1/8 pickup for wider saddle slots. Hope this clears up any remaining questions about this issue.

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