Motif Kondensator Endpin PU

Motif Kondensator Endpin PU
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Mi-Si Motif Kondensator Pickup System aktiv ohne Batterien neueste Version mit Kondensator... mehr
Informationen zum Produkt "Motif Kondensator Endpin PU"

Mi-Si Motif Kondensator Pickup System aktiv ohne Batterien

neueste Version mit Kondensator PU Element

in 60  Sekunden aufladen, bis zu 8 Std. spielen,
incl. Ladegerät

The Mi-Si Motif Acoustic Guitar System continues Mi-Si's pattern of innovation in acoustic amplification. It includes a high-performance, endpin-mounted preamp featuring Mi-Si's now classic battery-free technology, while introducing the world's first Active Under-Saddle Condenser Pickup.

This breakthrough pickup offers all the benefits of conventional under-saddle applications. It's highly responsive with low feedback, allows the player freedom of movement, and does not impair your instrument's appearance. It is only 1 mm thick, providing superior contact with your guitar's bridge and saddle, with much less impact on its structural integrity.

Eliminating the harsh characteristics of more typical piezo-electric technology, Motif captures the full richness and depth of your acoustic guitar. The system is completed by a low-noise Class A discrete preamp mounted directly to the endpin output jack. And like any other Mi-Si product. it's battery-free.

Charge Motif for 60 seconds via the output jack and you'll have 6 hours of exceptional acoustic amplification.


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