Custom Shop Tool Kit Guitar

Custom Shop Tool Kit Guitar
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Das Tool Kit by CruzTools beinhaltet alles, was man für den Saitenwechsel, die... mehr
Informationen zum Produkt "Custom Shop Tool Kit Guitar"

Das Tool Kit by CruzTools beinhaltet alles, was man für den Saitenwechsel, die Halsstabeinstellung sowie die Einstellung von Saitenhöhe und Intonation braucht. Das Tool Kit funktioniert gleichermaßen für Gitarren und Bässe (mit Ausnahme der Saitenkurbel) 

Every musician needs a basic tool kit for setting up and adjusting acoustic and electric guitars and basses. The Fender® Custom Shop Tool Kit by CruzTools® makes it simple with a convenient collection of the most essential and commonly used tools-specifically designed for Fender musical instruments.

This kit contains all the basics for most minor adjustments, including a 4-in-1 screwdriver, hex wrenches, ruler, diagonal cutter, capo, feeler gauges and guitar string winder. These are the same high-quality setup tools used by the pros, and everything is stored in a convenient polyester storage pouch that fits easily in your case or gig bag. Hand tools come with limited lifetime warranty.


  • Heavy-duty 4-in-1 screwdriver (#1 Philips, #2 Philips, ¼' slotted, 2.5mm slotted)
  • 1/2' Nut driver socket - (deep)
  • 2 Hex (Allen) wrenches (1/8' ball end, 3/16' ball end)
  • 2 Hex drivers (.050', 1/16')
  • 15-blade feeler gauge set
  • 6' steel ruler (metric/standard)
  • 6.25' diagonal string cutter
  • Strap style capo
  • Guitar string winder
  • Setup guide (on back of ruler)
  • Zippered storage pouch
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