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AG-Mic Kondensator Mic für A2 AG-Mic Kondensator Mic für A2
Kondensatormikrofon für A2 Endpinvorverstärker With the advent of the 1470 AST, the perception of making acoustic guitars sound more alive has changed. In the past, combining the signal of a B-Band UST and the B-Band Condenser Microphone...
64,34 € *
B-Box EBB 9 Volt Phantom B-Box EBB 9 Volt Phantom
Kleine externe Batterie-Box, um B-Band PUs außer A2 mit Power zu versorgen. The B-Band phantom power is a small external box that uses a standard 9-volt battery to power any of B-Band preamp except A2. With the use of a standard 1/4' TRS...
86,76 € *
U1.5T Preamp mit Uke-UST U1.5T Preamp mit Uke-UST
für Ukulele inkl. B-Band UST Pickup U1.5T Preamp mit Volumen und Bassregler integriertes chromatisches Stimmgerät Tuner Schalter (schaltet Ausgang stumm) Volume and tone rotary controls Powered by two, 3-volt, cointype batteries inkl...
95,53 € *
A2.2 Vorverstärker 2 Signale A2.2 Vorverstärker 2 Signale
B-Band A2.2 with XOM The A2.2 with it's dual input / single output onboard preamp, for use with the UST and AST pickup combination excels in performance over any other preamp of this type. The A2.2 includes the XOM technique with mix...
92,61 € *
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