Goodtime 17 fret irish tenor

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Deering Goodtime Irish Tenor mit Gigbag Inkl. Deering Gigbag Made in America at the... mehr
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Deering Goodtime Irish Tenor mit Gigbag

Inkl. Deering Gigbag

Made in America at the Deering Banjo factory in California, the Goodtime openback banjo weighs about 4 pounds so it is ideal for traveling, camping, hiking, taking to the beach and provides a vibrant singing banjo tone in any situation.

Also, light enough to easily hold and play and is the perfect banjo to start out with since it is fretted correctly and plays easily. The shorter 17 fret neck reduces the length of the entire banjo to just 32 inches end to end.

Tuned in 5ths like a viola or cello (C,G,D,A), this banjo is a great crossover instrument for string players! As one customer put it 'Really great instrument with a great build quality and a lovely loud and rich tone. It is a delight to play with its short scale fretboard, slim neck and light weight body. I chose the Irish G,D,A,E tuning so that I can use the chords and tunes already learnt on the mandolin and am able to play it with just a little more of a stretch and a bit more movement of the old fingers! I'm well impressed and can strongly recommend one of these lovely American banjos'.

Blonde Slender Rock Maple Neck
17 Nickel Silver Frets
Hardwood Bowtie Inlays
Sealed Geared Tuners
Durable Satin Finish
Blonde 3-ply Maple Rim
Steel Tension Hoop
11 Frosted Bottom Head
5/8 Maple/Ebony Goodtime Bridge
16 Flat Hooks With 9/32 Nuts
16 Bracket Shoes
Deering Patented Goodtime Tailpiece
Steel Coordinator Rod for Adjustments
Durable Satin Finish

Easy to play with clarity of note separation.
Tuned: C,G,D,A in standard tenor tuning
(mit anderen Saiten GDAE)
Can easily be tuned in other tunings as well.

Neck Width At The Nut ca.29mm
Scale Length Nut To Bridge 21
Rim Diameter 11
Overall Instrument Length ca.81cm

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