Deluxe 5S Bluegrass Banjo

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Customanfertigung! Einzelstück! Die blauen Einlagen sind sonst gelb/golden The Deluxe is... mehr
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Customanfertigung! Einzelstück! Die blauen Einlagen sind sonst gelb/golden

The Deluxe is Cinderella ready for the ball! With an ebony fingerboard inlaid in a stunning new Victorian pattern created by Greg Deering, an exceptional high gloss finish, boldly bearing the Deering name on the peghead, and made with the Deering -06- tone ring, the Deluxe will stop folks in their tracks for both its powerful sound and stunning appearance. Available now in either maple or mahogany at no additional charge, the Deering Deluxe owner has the ability to have us craft a banjo that is made specifically to suit his own tonal preferences.

Custom Maple with our -06- bell bronze tone ring, the sweet sounding 5-String Deluxe is one of the best banjo values available anywhere. Built with Deering's genuine bell bronze tone ring, three ply rock maple rim and one piece, cast, zinc resonator flange, this Deluxe is as easy to play as it is beautiful.

The mother of pearl inlay in the peghead, is the very first Deering logo designed by Greg Deering for his first banjo in 1969. The multicolor binding and high gloss finish enhance the BLUE and perloid inlays on the exotic, natural ebony fingerboard. 'The inspiration for the inlay artwork comes from the early Boston banjo masters. And if you look at the peghead of the Deluxe, it has some of the same elements as the Sierra, but it is much more expanded and it comes alive with the turn of the century Boston masters element - and that was just the design that flowed out onto the page. It's a lot of fun to have that kind of artwork on a banjo that people can afford. The first professional banjo we made was the Deluxe so it always has a very dear spot to us because it was the first professional banjo we made way back in '79.' Greg Deering

One of Deering's oldest and most popular models, this banjo brings the power, easy playability and maintenance together in a beautiful, historically important banjo that is just as much at home on the front porch as it is on the road. It truly is a Deluxe banjo.

Original Deering Engraved Inlays of White and Blue
Slender fast & Comfortable Neck Shape
22 Pressed in Nickel-Silver Frets
Ebony Fingerboard with Mother of Pearl Diamond Shaped Inlays
Deering Planetary Banjo Tuners
Deering Geared 5th String Tuner
High Gloss Finish

Deering 20 hole 06 Bell Bronze Tone Ring
ViolinGrade 3-ply Maple Rim
Deering Brass Notched Tension Hoop
11er Frosted Top Medium Crown Head
24 Round Hooks with ¼ Hex Nuts
One Piece Cast Zinc Flange
Slender Shaped Armrest
Truetone Deering Tailpiece
Nickel Plated Hardware
Satin Finish

Trimmed in White/Black/White
Straight Side Walls
High Gloss Finish
Priced with a Deering Hardshell Case

Easy to play with clarity and good note separation.
With optional Maple, at no extra cost, the Deluxe has a brighter and crisper tone.

Tuned:G,D,G,B,D in starndard tuning
Can easily be tuned in other tunings as well


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