BC-350 Bob Carlin 5S

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Gold Tone BC-350 Bob Carlin 5S banjo open Back This Carlin model was the first to be... mehr
Informationen zum Produkt "BC-350 Bob Carlin 5S"

Gold Tone BC-350 Bob Carlin 5S banjo open Back

This Carlin model was the first to be issued; it was the result of a meeting between Bob and Gold Tone president Wayne Rogers at the 2004 IBMA Fan Fest. All of the BC-350 features and dimensions are per Mr. Carlin's specifications (arrived at after several trips by Bob to the Gold Tone plant) and include a twelve-inch three-ply maple pot with an innovative dowel-stick/coordinator rod, a rolled brass tone ring, maple neck with scooped ebony fretboard, planetary-gear tuning machines, No Knot tailpiece and 'hot-dog' armrest. All metal parts are richly nickel-plated for long-wearing durability. Of course, each BC-350 is set up by skilled hands in our Florida shop. Available as left-handed model.

Neck: Maple with Scoop
Finish: Natural Gloss
Fingerboard: Ebony
Bridge: Maple with Ebony Cap
Tuners: GT Master Planets
Inlay: Dot & Star
Truss Rod: Two-Way Adjustable
Tone Ring: Rolled Brass
Rim: 12 3-Ply Maple
Tension Hoop: Notched Counterhoo
Binding: Black ABS
Brackets: 26
Buttons: C-Style
Hardware: Nickel Plated
Pickups: Optional
Tailpiece: No-Knot
Armrest: Hot Dog
Head: 12' HC Renaissance
Number of Frets: 18
Nut Width: ca. 34,9mm Bone
Scale Length: ca. 665mm
Weight: ca. 2,9kg
Tuning: GDGBD
Strings: .011 .013 .016 .024w .011
Hard Case: HD15-M

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