WL-250 Whity Ladye open back

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Gold Tone WL250 open back banjo whity ladye The White Laydie 250 produces the plunky yet... mehr
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Gold Tone WL250 open back banjo whity ladye

The White Laydie 250 produces the plunky yet focused tone that's long been a standard for Old Time and folk music. This banjo features an accurate replica of the classic three-piece Whyte Laydie tone ring, mated with a half-inch maple rim for maximum air chamber volume. The maple neck has a vintage heel design, a Fairbanks-style headstock shape, GT Master planetary tuners. Stylized cloud inlays adorn the bound ebony fretboard which terminates in a frailing scoop. The eleven-inch pot carries a Remo Renaissance head, a No-Knot tailpiece and dual coordinator rods for a solid neck fit and easy adjustments. A complete pro setup at the Gold Tone Factory in Florida helps to make the WL-250 Gold Tone's most popular openback banjo ever. Available as left-handed model.

Neck: Maple
Finish: Vintage Brown
Fingerboard: Ebony with Scoop
Bridge: Maple with Ebony Cap
Tuners: GT Master Planets
Inlay: Cloud
Truss Rod: Two-Way Adjustable
Tone Ring: White Ladye
Rim: 1/2 Maple
Tension Hoop: Notched Brass
Binding: White ABS
Brackets: 24
Buttons: C-Style
Hardware: Chrome Plated
Pickups: Optional
Tailpiece: No-Knot
Armrest: Reproduction of early
Head: 11 HC Renaissance
Number of Frets: 18
Nut Width: ca. 30,2mm Bone
Scale Length: ca. 665mm
Weight: ca. 3kg
Tuning: GDGBD
Strings: .011 .013 .016 .024w .011
Hard Case: HD14

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