TOM-R Traditional

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Huss & Dalton Traditional TOM-R The traditional models are the culmination of our deep... mehr
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Huss & Dalton Traditional TOM-R

The traditional models are the culmination of our deep respect and appreciation of the pre-war flat tops that are among the most revered instruments in existence. We combine the age-old techniques of construction with our own take on the classic design to produce an instrument of unparralled power and exquisite tone and playability. These instruments feature 25er radius bracing mated with a traditionally flat top.

Classic timeless styling. The Huss & Dalton TOM-R combines traditional flat-top construction with the red spruce bracing used in all Huss & Daltons. This guitar is especially suited for finger-style players or flatpickers with a lighter touch, yet holds up to vigorous strumming when the performance becomes more intense. The even response and airy, shimmery qualities the OM has always been known for are maintained and expanded on in the Huss & Dalton TOM-R. The standard TOM-R is a refined brew of Indian rosewood, Sitka spruce, herringbone purfling, ivoroid body bindings, classic slotted diamond fretboard inlay pattern, and a squared headstock with a carved diamond volute. Vintage-style nickel tuning machines by Waverly complete this timeless package.

NUT WIDTH: ca. 44,4mm
BODY WIDTH: ca. 38,42cm
BODY DEPTH: ca. 18,10cm
BODY LENGTH: ca. 48,9cm
SCALE: ca. 64,5cm
SADDLE SPACING: ca. 5,64cm
SOUNDHOLE: ca. 9,84cm

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