CR DS 14 fret

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Huss and Dalton DS CR The CR models are some of Huss and... mehr
Informationen zum Produkt "CR DS 14 fret"

Huss and Dalton DS CR

The CR models are some of Huss and Daltons favorites. They have a great respect for the old blues music coming straight out of the Delta in the early 20th century. These guitars feature the look and sound of the great old instruments favored by the masters of the genre. Huss and Dalton have lightened the bracing and further shortened the scale to produce the woody, thumpy tone that makes the great blues music come to life.

Take the H&D standard DS. Convert it to a flat top with a short scale. Then take a chisel to the bracing to compensate for the shorter scale length. Strip it back to an unostentatious dress code but maintain the dark sunburst, and you have a workingman's guitar of epic proportions. This guitar can pick a gentle child's tune or rage across a stage.

Baureihe: CR Series
Typ: Dreadnought Slopshoulder 14-fret
Decke: Sitkafichte massiv mit Adirondack - Bracing
Boden/Zargen: Mahagoni massiv
Griffbrett: Palisander
Oberfläche: Hochglanz sunburst
Inkl. Koffer

NUT WIDTH: ca. 44,5mm
BODY WIDTH: ca. 40,01cm
BODY DEPTH: ca. 12,38cm
BODY LENGTH: ca. 50,8cm
SCALE: ca. 62,9cm 
SADDLE SPACING: ca. 5,87cm
SOUNDHOLE: ca. 10,16cm

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