A66 It Spruce fig Laurelwood

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Midi Jumbo - Super Fingerpicking und DADGAD Gitarre A66 Nummer 1101 Back & Sides:... mehr
Informationen zum Produkt "A66 It Spruce fig Laurelwood"

Midi Jumbo - Super Fingerpicking und DADGAD Gitarre

A66 Nummer 1101

Back & Sides: Solid Premium figured Laurelwood

Top: Solid Italian Spruce

Neck: 5 piece Mahogany/Maple/Walnut/Maple/Mahogany

Fingerboard: solid Ebony bound with Ebony and Maple; paua abalone Celic Knot Inlay 12th fret

Ebony Bridge

Gold Plated Gotoh SG510 Tuner


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Dermot McIlroy, along with his wife Colleen, started McIlroy Musical Instruments on 6th March 2000. Dermot already had 21 years of experience behind him, 10 of those with the Lowden Guitar Co, where he played a role in all aspects of guitar making from the machine shop (he was a qualified wood machinist) to production manager and everything in-between.

The decision to set up his own company came after a downturn in business in the late 90s, where several staff were paid off and the rest put on a three day week. With a young family to support, Dermot & Colleen looked into the aspects of starting a business and with the help of the then LEDU and Antrim Enterprise Agency (where the business is still located), they were able to consolidate loans and funding to get the business up and running.

During his time with Lowden, there were many aspects of the design that Dermot wanted to experiment with. Obviously this would be impossible with that company's set designs, so having the freedom to implement designs in his own company was also a major incentive to wanting to leave and set up business.

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