ME2BK carbon guitar schwarz

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LAVA MUSIC ME 2 Acoustic Black mit Tasche Super robuste Reisegitarre, leicht... mehr
Informationen zum Produkt "ME2BK carbon guitar schwarz"

LAVA MUSIC ME 2 Acoustic Black mit Tasche

Super robuste Reisegitarre, leicht und in allen Wettersituationen spielbar.

rein akustische Version ohne Pickup

18 Bünde

21:1 Aluminium Alloy Mechaniken

superdünne AirSonic Carbonfaserdecke

in spritzgegossener Carbonfaser Konstruktion, einteilig, für vollerem Ton und längerem Sustain

· 1.7kg lightweight and portable
· Super AirSonic carbon fiber body works in all conditions
· BreatheNet Honeycomb keeps providing a sonorous and clear sound
· The most advanced fret machining system, easy and comfortable to press

The neck with parametric design. Give you an extraordinary playing experience.
The idea behind FlyNeck was to design and build the most comfortable intuitive guitar neck possible. The structural geometry of the FlyNeck was achieved by tracking the different forces on the neck during the shifting of positions whilst playing the LAVA ME 2. We carefully designed the neck profile, adding or removing materials as necessary to ensure the FlyNeck would fit your individual playing style without you even noticing it.

PLEK abgerichtet für super String Action

Works in all Conditions

Unlike wood, which tends to warp in changing weather conditions, the Super AirSonic carbon fiber body material of the LAVA ME 2, can adapt to changes in temperature from -20 Grad Celsius to 90 Celsius and humidity of 10% - 90%. Whether you’re in a desert or polar region, the LAVA ME 2 will always work for you.

The world‘s leading unibody acoustic-electric guitar, it produces a loud, wide-range frequency tone. Ca. 95cm length. 

Top Material --- Super AirSonic carbon fiber composited

Body Material --- AirSonic carbon fiber composited

Fretboard Material --- HPL

Bridge Material ---HPL

Machine head --- 21:1 ratio Aluminum Alloy

Strings --- Elixir Nanoweb 012

Nut width ca. 42,9mm

Scale Length ca. 60cm

Comes with the premium Ideal Bag 2 & Ideal Pick Mix. The Ideal bag 2 stands between a traditional Hardcase & GigBag. Specially designed for the LAVA ME 2, it's thin, light & robust. The size of Ideal Bag 2 is 20% smaller than the first generation. The inside of the Ideal Bag 2 fits the LAVA ME 2 seamlessly to ensure the safety & stability of the guitar. The Ideal pick set includes 3 types of shapes: Air, Flow & Focus. Each serves a unique purpose for different playing styles. Use the Ideal Pick Air to enhance the warmness for strumming. Use Flow for general picking. Use Focus for fast and high-precision picking.

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