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EVH Striped 78 eruption black white On the cover of Van Halens 1978 eponymous debut album,... mehr
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EVH Striped 78 eruption black white

On the cover of Van Halens 1978 eponymous debut album, Eddie Van Halen thrusts his black-and-white striped Strat-style guitar towards the camera as if he’s showing you the future. He played this guitar on his unprecedented and mind-blowing Eruption guitar solo, thus its nickname, and almost immediately, this monumental instrument became a timeless icon, symbolic of a paradigm shift in guitar-driven rock and roll.

Back when this trailblazing album first appeared, nobody had ever seen or heard a guitar like that because no such guitar ever existed. What was this? You couldn’t buy one.

That’s because he made it himself. The 22-year-old Eddie Van Halen had the mind of not only a great musician, but also of an innovative inventor—a constant tinkerer who was always messing with his gear. Eddie would say it was out of necessity as no off-the-shelf guitar had the features he needed to really do his job and realize his full potential. So, he took matters into his own capable hands — refretting the neck, installing a humbucking pickup which he potted in paraffin wax, as well a single master volume knob (famously labeled as Tone), brass nut and tailpiece from a 58 Strat, cutting out and mounting his own homemade black and of course, coming up with iconic striped motif.

The all-new EVH Striped Series 78 Eruption guitar combines many of those famed mods along with modernized features and a relic treatment.

The Stratocaster®-style body sports Eddies famed white-and-black-striped paint job and has been paired to a quartersawn maple neck with a hand-rubbed satin urethane back finish. The 12-16 compound radius maple fingerboard with 22 jumbo frets was designed for fast and furious playing styles with maximum comfort, while a heel-mount truss rod wheel makes for time-saving neck adjustments.

A single EVH Wolfgang humbucking bridge pickup provides classic Eddie Van Halen guitar tone – from crystal cleans to fat and rich mids and lows, while the brass nut and six-saddle vintage Fender Stratocaster synchronized tremolo bridge with a 43mm brass block allow for authentic EVH tone.

Other features include a skirted white Strat-style volume control knob (labeled tone) with 500K EVH Bourns low friction pot and treble bleed circuit, black pickguard, chrome hardware, oversized strap buttons, EVH neck plate and larger, 70s-style licensed Fender Strat headstock with gold EVH logo.

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