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MLB96863M Bluegrass Breaks MLB96863M Bluegrass Breaks
MelBay MB96863M Bluegrass Breaks: Mandolin Book with Online Audio This book by Dix Bruce contains a collection of Mandolin solos that span a range of styles and levels of difficulty and are aimed at advanced beginners to...
23,65 € *
MB21818M Flatpicking up the MB21818M Flatpicking up the
Melbay MB21818M Flatpicking up the neck by Jeff Troxel A thorough and practical approach to understanding the upper positions on the fingerboard for the flatpicking guitarist. Chord shapes, scale patterns, position studies, and...
20,95 € *
MB99246M Everything you want MB99246M Everything you want
MB99246M Ken Perlman Everything you wanted to know about Clawhammer Banjo One of the worlds top players addresses nearly every aspect of the popular 5-string banjo style known as clawhammer or frailing. Chapter themes include...
34,80 € *
MB22086M The Mandolin Pickers MB22086M The Mandolin Pickers
Mel Bay MB22086M The Mandolin Picker's Guide to Bluegrass Improvisation (Book+Online Audio) by Jesper Rubner-Petersen A new book on improvisation is now available for bluegrass mandolin players. Based on the concept of learning by...
29,30 € *
MB30225M Old Time Favorites MB30225M Old Time Favorites
Melbay MB30225M Ol d-Time Favorites for Fiddle and Mandolin by Dan Levenson You asked for it and you got it! More tunes to play at festivals and jams or just sittin' at home with a friend or two. 62 more tunes with both basic and...
34,95 € *
MB99777M Irish Mandolin MB99777M Irish Mandolin
Melbay MB99777M Irish Mandolin Playing A Complete Guide Philiü John Berthoud Product Description: This is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in Irish mandolin playing. As well as being a complete guide for the absolute...
29,25 € *
MB96213BCD Complete Balalaika MB96213BCD Complete Balalaika
Complete Balalaika Book (Book/CD Set) 96213BCD by Bibs Ekkel The balalaika is most often associated with Russian folklore. In this comprehensive method book, concert and recording artist Bibs Ekkel shares his extensive knowledge of the...
31,19 € *
MB20839 Chet Atkins in three MB20839 Chet Atkins in three
Mel Bay presents the much-anticipated second book in the highly acclaimed series that showcases personal insights into the life and music of 'Mr. Guitar.' Chet Atkins was a man of many layers: producer, record executive, friend and one...
48,95 € *
MB97010M Banjo Scales in Tab MB97010M Banjo Scales in Tab
Banjo Scales in Tab (Book + Online Audio) by Janet Davis This book covers all of the major scales in depth as applied to the 5-string banjo, answering potential questions concerning the use of major scales for any level of player,...
25,17 € *
MB30224M Old Time Fav. Banjo MB30224M Old Time Fav. Banjo
Mel Bay MB30224M Old-Time Favourites For Clawhammer Banjo is the sequel to Dan Levenson's 'Old-Time Festival Tunes For Clawhammer Banjo' (MB20313M) and contains 62 more tunes of varying difficulty. New additions are featured, as well as...
29,81 € *
SM7100 DADGAD Tuning SM7100 DADGAD Tuning
Diese Ausgabe bietet Ihnen eine grosse Anzahl wichtiger Akkorde und Tonleitern für die spezielle DADGAD-Stimmung: Die DADGAD Stimmung erffreut seit einigen Jahren grosser Beliebtheit unter den Akustikgitarristen, welche sich der...
15,95 € *
MB30430BCD Bachs Cello Suites MB30430BCD Bachs Cello Suites
MB30430M Bachs Cello Suites I-III arranged for Tenor Banjo Rob MacKillop mit Online Audio Zugang Noten und TABs Bach's Cello suites are among the most famous solo instrumental works of all time. The Cello and the Tenor Banjo share the...
23,65 € *
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