HL01121154 Burst Believers VI

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Centerstream Publications Vic DaPra David Plues Burst Believers VI 2022 HL01121154

The Gibson Les Paul Standard 1958-1960 is one of the greatest designs to emerge from Gibson. Revered by the great players of our generation, the tone and quality of these instruments has never been surpassed. The older generation of players such as Clapton, Page, Beck, and Bloomfield created the sound palette which would be further developed by Slash and Joe Walsh. Today, players such as Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Tom Bukovac, and Keith Urban are picking up the challenge and embracing the Burst.

This edition contains many new Bursts to the series plus new photos of some of the great guitars featured in earlier editions. With vibrant hi-res photographs we have worked with the publisher and printer to create a stunning final edition. The Les Paul Standard continues to excite players worldwide and Gibson continues to produce new models based on the near-perfect original design.

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