HL00641951 Tony Rice

HL00641951 Tony Rice
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HAL LEONARD HL00641951 Tony Rice Master Class guitar DVD On this extraordinary DVD,... mehr
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HAL LEONARD HL00641951 Tony Rice Master Class guitar DVD

On this extraordinary DVD, Tony Rice shares more of the songs, instrumentals and picking techniques that have made him an iconic figure on the acoustic guitar scene for nearly four decades.

Starting with Shady Grove, as played with David Grisman and Jerry Garcia on 'The Pizza Tapes,' Tony brings back guitar arrangements from various phases in his long career. He explores classics such as I Don't Want Your Mandolins Mister ('Tone Poems'), Church Street Blues (Blake & Rice), and More Pretty Girls Than One (Skaggs & Rice). Tony pays homage to the Carter Family on The Storms are on the Ocean, breaks down his dazzling licks on Blue Railroad Train ('Manzanita'), and gives us an updated version of Red Haired Boy, complete with a Clarence White intro/ending.

Delving into a more improvisational mode, Tony shows how he takes simple ballads like Barbara Allen, Wayfaring Stranger and Summertime and - by adding chord substitutions, voicings, movable scales, free rhythm and other ideas - builds beautiful, complex guitar arrangements.

We get rare glimpses into Tony's life through his stories, humor and reminiscences of the remarkable musicians who have influenced his music through the years. Tony's playing, as well as his musical insights, knowledge and advice, will fascinate and delight acoustic guitar players everywhere.

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