HOT539 Arlen Roth Lap Steel

HOT539 Arlen Roth Lap Steel
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Though Arlen Roth has written many books and done many videos on slide guitar, this... mehr
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Though Arlen Roth has written many books and done many videos on slide guitar, this is the first time he's done a Hawaiian Lap Steel video. And even though there are many obvious parallels and crossovers between learning this increasingly popular instrument and slide guitar, this lesson helps bring into focus many of the unique properties that the Lap Steel is best adapted for, such as: chord work, blocking and damping, David Linley style harmonic chimes (various types), blues slide, Hawaiian style, open E tuning, 'high bass' G tuning, open vs. closed position licks, jazz-style runs, country- and Hawaiian-style double-stop harmonies, advanced behind-the-slide bends, proper techniques, and so much more! If you're just getting into lap steel, or even if you've been playing a for a while, this DVD will surely help you make the right moves on the instrument, while inspiring you on to greater personal creativity in the process. A true must for all slide players! Booklet enclosed You'll never miss a note! All exercises are transcribed in the accompanying booklet, corresponding to example numbers on the screen. And of course, all right- and left-hand techniques are shown close-up, with special split-screen effects, so you can closely observe and learn all the subtleties the top players are known for.

Booklet mit 16 Seiten

Sprache Englisch

DVD 45 Minuten

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