HL00642088 Dailey u Vincent

HL00642088 Dailey u Vincent
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'I am so proud to say a few words about Dailey & Vincent. What a great sound. Not since the... mehr
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'I am so proud to say a few words about Dailey & Vincent. What a great sound. Not since the Louvin Brothers has music touched me this deep. I expect them to go all the way to the top and stay there.' - Dolly Parton

Soaring harmonies, a seamless vocal blend and a singular commitment to their gospel and old time country repertoire have made Dailey & Vincent the most sensational musical group in bluegrass music today. Darrin Vincent's rich, solid baritone combines with Jamie Dailey's soaring tenor to make every song in their repertoire a thrilling occasion for the listener.

Now you can sing along with these amazing musicians as they perform, demonstrate and analyze some of their most requested songs: By the Mark, Can You Hear Me Now, More Than a Name On a Wall, Music of the Mountains, Rock of Ages, Selfish Heart, Waves of Sorrow and Don't You Call My Name.

Jamie and Darrin discuss their musical roots, share their ideas on harmony singing and describe how they come up with their spine-tingling vocal parts. They even invite you to join in with them to practice singing a lead or harmony part!

Whether you sing at home, in church, or with your bluegrass band, the wisdom and experience of these two expert musicians will help aspiring singers achieve a new level of musicianship.

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