MB22173M Easy Irish-American

MB22173M Easy Irish-American
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Melbay MB22173M Early Irish-American Banjo Book with Online Audio Here is the Lost... mehr
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Melbay MB22173M Early Irish-American Banjo Book with Online Audio

Here is the Lost Heritage of the Irish-American Banjo!

The Irish-style Tenor banjo has become immensely popular of late, yet the roots of Irish influence on American banjo music extends right back to the 1840s, when the legendary Joel Sweeney picked up a gourd banjo from Black American banjo players, and proceeded to perform 'jigs, reels and breakdowns'. Other Irish-Americans played a leading role in the development and popularity of the banjo in America, and Rob MacKillop has collected 27 of their finest pieces in this collection, the first of its kind.

TAB for 5-string banjo as well as Tenor Banjo. The Tenor Banjo arrangements are in two tunings: GDAE and CGDA.

Can be played with either a flat pick or fingerstyle.

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64 Seiten

Blarney Jig   
Bully For All (aka Paddy Go Down)   
Connaught Man's Rambles   
Cruiskeen Laun (full pitcher of whiskey)   
Good Enough Irish Reel   
Irish Jig   
Irish Jig No.1   
Irish Jig No.2   
Irish Reel   
Keep It Up Irish Reel   
Mary McCarty Irish Reel   
McCormick Party Reel   
McGinley's Reel   
Mickey Malooney   
Muldoon Irish Reel   
Pat Malloy's Jig   
Rocky Road To Dublin   
Rooney's Favorite Irish Reel   
Sheridan's Hornpipe   
Sprig of Shelalah   

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