MB99126BCD Buzzard Banjo

MB99126BCD Buzzard Banjo
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Provides the intermediate clawhammer (5-string) banjo player with a fresh repertoire of 21... mehr
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Provides the intermediate clawhammer (5-string) banjo player with a fresh repertoire of 21 traditional and 5 original tunes as played by the author with the Boiled Buzzards Old Time String Band. The book briefly addresses clawhammer basics with a few pages of exercises and scales before presenting the tunes. The banjo tunings in this book are: double C tuning (gCGCD), modified double C tuning (eCGCD), G tuning (GDGBD), A tuning (aEAC#E), D tuning (aDADE), and Double-D tuning drop 5th (f#DADE). Written in banjo tablature only with suggested backup chords. Voted one of the top 10 clawhammer banjo players by 'Banjo Newsletter' readers, Levenson advises the reader that the tablature in this book is to be used only as a guide and to 'play the tune as you hear it, not slavishly as written'. This approach allows the reader to play within his/her style and level of ability.
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Beasties In The Sugar   Hank Bradley; Dan Levenson
Bitter Creek   Dan Levenson
Black Widow Romp   Chris Romaine; Dan Levenson
Booth Shot Lincoln   Dan Levenson
Briar Picker Brown   Dan Levenson
Doctor Doctor   Dan Levenson
Duck River   Dan Levenson
Flying Indian   Dan Levenson
Folding Down The Sheets   Dan Levenson
Forked Deer   Dan Levenson
Hangman's Reel   Dan Levenson
Hell Amongst The Yearlings   Dan Levenson
Katy Hill   Dan Levenson
Little Dutch Girl   Dan Levenson
Liza Poor Gal   Dan Levenson
Nail That Catfish To A Tree   Steve Rosen; Dan Levenson
Needlecase   Dan Levenson
Old Bell Cow   Dan Levenson
Snake River Reel   Peter Lippencot; Dan Levenson
Texas Gals   Dan Levenson
Three Thin Dimes   Dan Levenson
Tilden   Hank Bradley; Dan Levenson
Wild Horses At Stoney Point   Dan Levenson
Year Of Jubilo (Lincoln's Gunboats)   Dan Levenson
Young Guns And Miners   Dan Levenson

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