MB30718M Early American Banjo

MB30718M Early American Banjo
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MB30718M Early American Banjo by Tim Twiss mit online audio Early American Banjo  by... mehr
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MB30718M Early American Banjo by Tim Twiss mit online audio

Early American Banjo  by Tim Twiss provides complete banjo tablature transcriptions of the instrumental solos that first appeared in standard notation in  Buckley's Banjo Guide of 1868.  This modern tablature edition of over 100 mid-19th century jigs, waltzes, polkas, hornpipes and reels provides insight to the transition between the African down-stroke technique, which preceded claw-hammer style and the newer, more refined plucking technique. James Buckley (1803 - 1872), sometimes referred to as the 'Father of the Classical Banjo,' was one of the most prolific transcribers of early banjo music. His compositions and arrangements were performed on the minstrel stage, and his scholarly discipline produced a lasting record of banjo music of his era. This repertoire collection includes easy tunes as well as more complex pieces suited for the concert stage. The player will delight in discovering how fresh and unusual some of this music sounds, even today-all in modern banjo tab. While best experienced on a period reproduction, gut-string fretless banjo in a lower tuning, any 5-string banjo in C tuning (gCGBD) may be used to interpret this collection. Includes access to online audio.

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