MB96574BCD Music British Isles

MB96574BCD Music British Isles
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A treasure trove of Anglo-Celtic music adapted to the 5-string banjo. Music of the British... mehr
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A treasure trove of Anglo-Celtic music adapted to the 5-string banjo. Music of the British Isles for Banjo provides material for banjo players to expand beyond the confines of the key of G major - playing in different keys while retaining G major tuning. There is a section where each tune is arranged in more than one key - either in tow or three different keys.

It teaches the student not to rely on the 5th string while providing fresh insight into the uses of the 5th string capo. Also exposes the player to ancient modal scales as well as the more modern Major/Minor scales. All tunes are presented in the perpetual motion so they may be viewed as limbering-up exercises for the fingers. On the accompanying CD the tunes are played much slower than normal in order for the student to better grasp the material. In tablature only.
Sprache Englisch
Buch mit CD
72 Seiten

8th of January   
Backstep Cindy   
Balley Desmond Polka   
Barlow Knife   
Betsy Likens   
Bill Cheatam   
Billy in the Lowground   
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine (1)   
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine (2)   
Bonaparte's Retreat   
Chinkapion Pie   
Cold Frosty Morning   
Cotton Eyed Joe   
Cumberland Gap   
Dance All Night   
Devilish Mary   
Ducks on the Mill Pond   
Ducks on the Pond   
Faust Knight   
Fiddler's Dram   
Fischer's Hornpipe   
Forked Deer   
Fort Smith   
Frost and Snow   
Frypan Hornpipe   
Green Willis   
Hawks and Eagles   
Highway to Limerick   
Ida Red   
Jay Bird   
Jenny Picking Cockles   
Jimmy Sutton/Old Jim Sutton   
John Lover's Gone   
Johnson's Boys   
Katy Hill   
Kitchen Girl   
Lady Montgomery   
Last of the Callahan   
Lazy Farmer   
Leather Britches   
Little Widow   
Loch Lomand Hornpipe   
Miller's Reel   
Miss McLeod's Reel   
Money Musk   
Morpath's Rant   
Mountain Goat Hornpipe   
Nancy Ann   
Nancy Rowland   
Old Jawbone   
Old Molly Hare   
Paddy on the Turnpike   
Pocono Hornpipe   
Pretty Little Pink   
Quincy Dillon's High C   
Rambler's Hornpipe   
Red Fox   
Red Rocking Chair   
Red Winged Blackbird   
Sail Away Ladies   
Salt Creek   
Shaving a Dead Reaujaques   
Shooting Creek   
Soldier's Joy   
Spirits of the Morning   
St. Anne's Reel   
Staten Island Hornpipe   
Stife's Hornpipe   
Tater Patch   
Taylor's Twist   
Temperance Reel   
The Linnett   
The Staghorn   
Tying a Knot in the Devil's Tail   
Untitled Hornpipe   
Waterloo Hornpipe   
West Folk Girls   
Wild Horse at Stoney Point   
Wind that Shakes the Barley

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