MB21597BCD Easy Irish and

MB21597BCD Easy Irish and
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Easy Irish and Celtic Session Tunes for 5-String Banjo Book/CD Set Best-Loved Jigs and Reels... mehr
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Easy Irish and Celtic Session Tunes for 5-String Banjo Book/CD Set
Best-Loved Jigs and Reels
by Tom Hanway

This rich collection of 68 jigs and reels features some of the most cherished tunes played by session players from 21st-century Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the Celtic Diaspora. Tom Hanway demonstrates contemporary 'Celtic fingerstyle banjo' through modern techniques and traditional Irish and Celtic melodies using standard G tuning. Additionally, this book explains the Four Celtic Modes that are found throughout the tunes in this collection. Through these lessons, you can learn the essentials needed to play stock Irish and Celtic tunes, which can later be combined in medleys to play at sessions.

Angus Campbell   
Battering Ram, The   
Big John McNeil   
Black Rogue, The   
Blarney Pilgrim, The   
Boys of Malin, The   
Boys of the Town   
Bucks of Oranmore, The   
Carraroe, The   
Castle Kelly   
Cliffs of Moher, The   
Crooked Road to Dublin, The   
Cup of Tea, The   
Da Full Rigged Ship   
Doed a Ddel   
Donald Blue (Shetland)   
Donegal Reel, The   
Drowsy Maggie (Celtic Modal Tuning)   
Earl's Chair, The   
East at Glendart   
Eighth of January, The   
Father Kelly's   
Father O'Flynn   
Galway Rambler, The   
Gander in the Pratie Hole   
Geese in the Bog, The   
Gentleman Thief, The   
Gerry's Beaver Hat (Returned Yank)   
Gillian's Apples   
Gravel Walk, The   
Greig's Pipes   
Happy to Meet and Sorry to Part   
Hare's Paw, The   
High Reel, The (A Mixolydian - Capo 2)   
High Reel, The (A Mixolydian)   
Humours of Glendart   
Humours of Tulla, The   
Jack Broke da Prison Door   
Jackie Coleman's Reel   
Killavil Jig, The (Sligo Jig)   
Lark in the Morning, The   
Lilting Fisherman, The (Joe Derrane's)   
Man of the House, The   
Miracle on the Hudson (Celtic Modal Tuning)   
Miss Thompson's   
Monaghan Jig, The   
My Darling Asleep   
New Copperplate, The   
Old Copperplate, The   
Paddy's Return   
Rambling Pitchfork, The   
Reconciliation, The   
Rolling in the Ryegrass (Shannon Breeze)   
Rose in the Heather, The   
Saddle the Pony   
Silver Spire, The   
Sliabh Russell   
Sligo Jig, The (Ryan's Favourite)   
Swallow's Tail, The   
Swallowtail Jig, The   
Tenpenny Bit, The   
Toss the Feathers (D Mixolydian - D Major)   
Toss the Feathers (E Dorian)   
Tros y Garreg (Over the Stone)   
Wandering Minstrel, The   
Wise Maid, The   
Woman of the House, The

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