HAL LEONARD - HL00000221 Minstrel Banjo

HAL LEONARD - HL00000221 Minstrel Banjo
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Brigg's Banjo Instructor Hal Leonard HL00000221 Minstrel Banjo A book of... mehr
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Brigg's Banjo Instructor Hal Leonard HL00000221 Minstrel Banjo

A book of intabulations of music for the Civil War-era (or Minstrel) Banjo.

Brigg's Banjo Instructor (1855) was the first complete published method for the Banjo. It is replicated here in an updated form, with modern explanations, performance notes and transcriptions by Joseph Weidlich. Includes 68 songs set in Banjo tablature, an introduction and various historical illustrations and images.

  • Alabama Joe
  • Brigg's Breakdown
  • Brigg's Corn Schucking Jig
  • Brigg's Jig
  • Brigg's Reel
  • Camptown Hornpipe
  • Carney Jig
  • Carry Me Back To Old Virginny
  • Circus Jig
  • Dance, Boatman, Dance
  • Dandy Jim
  • Darkey Fisher's Hornpipe
  • Darkey Money Musk
  • De Bones IN De Barnyard
  • De Gal Wid De Blue Dress on
  • Dearest Mae
  • Ephriam's Lament
  • Ethiopian Cracovienne
  • Git Up In De Mornin
  • Going Ober De Mountains
  • Hard Times
  • Injin Rubber Overcoat
  • Jim Along Josey
  • Jim Crack Corn
  • Jim Crow Polka
  • Jordan Is A Hard Road
  • Keemo Kimo
  • Kick Up de Debble on a Holiday
  • Lucy Long Polka
  • Lucy Neal
  • MIss Lucy Long
  • Neber Do To Gib It Up So
  • Nigga From De South
  • O! Lud Gals
  • O! Pray Goody
  • Old '76 (Reel)
  • Old Dan Tucker
  • Old Dinah's Goin' To Town
  • Old Joe
  • OLd Johnny Boker
  • Old King Crow
  • Old Zip Coon
  • Philadelphia Reel
  • Pitch Burgundy Plaster
  • Pop Goes The Weasel
  • Rosa Lee
  • Sebastopol Breakdown
  • Spanish Gallopade
  • The Congo Prince Jig
  • This Side OF Jordan
  • Wait For The Wagon
  • Walk Along John
  • Who's Dat A knockin' at de door
  • Yankee Doodle
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