MB97010M Banjo Scales in Tab

MB97010M Banjo Scales in Tab
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Banjo Scales in Tab (Book + Online Audio) by Janet Davis This book covers all of the major... mehr
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Banjo Scales in Tab (Book + Online Audio)
by Janet Davis
This book covers all of the major scales in depth as applied to the 5-string banjo, answering potential questions concerning the use of major scales for any level of player, beginning through advanced. It features finger-strengthening exercises, chords, licks, practical applications of the scales and corresponding exercises which will increase the player's speed, accuracy and ability. While this is not a dictionary of all scales for the banjo, it will teach you how scales work in songs and will help you play in any key. With this knowledge and these skills, you should have a solid foundation and the necessary background for understanding and using all scale types.

Written in tablature only.

Includes access to online audio.

Sprache : Englisch

110 Seiten

Banjo Scales in Tab
2 C Major Scale
3 Exercises
4 Advanced Exercises
5 Single String Exercises
6 Practice Applications
7 C Chords
8 Licks derived from the C scale
9 G Major Scale
10 Exercises
11 Single String Exercises
12 Practice Applications
13 G Chords
14 Licks derived from the G scale
15 D Major Scale
16 Circular Scale
17 Single String Exercise
18 Page 26, Exercise 3
19 Page 27, D Position Chord
20 Licks derived from the D scale
21 A Major Scale
22 Circular Scale
23 Single String Exercises
24 A Chords
25 Licks derived from the A scale
26 E Major Scale
27 Circular Scale
28 Single String Exercises
29 Chords Built on the E Scale
30 E Chord
31 Licks derived from the E scale
32 B Major Scales
33 Circular Scale
34 Single String Exercises
35 Page 45, B Chords
36 Licks derived from the B scale
37 Single String Licks
38 Fs Major Scale
39 Circular Scale
40 Fs Chord
41 Licks derived from the Fs scale
42 Single String Licks
43 Cs Major Scale
44 Page 56, Exercise 3
Audio Contents
45 Page 57, Cs Chords
46 Licks derived from the Cs scale
47 Circular Scale
48 F Major Scale
49 Circular Scale
50 Single String Exercises
51 Page 62, Exercise 3
52 Page 63, F Chord
53 Licks derived from the F scale
54 Circular Scales
55 Bf Major Scale
56 Single String Exercises
57 Page 69, Bf Chords
58 Licks derived from the Bf scale
59 Circular Scales
60 Ef Major Scale
61 Page 75, Ef Chords
62 Af Major Scale
63 Advanced Exercises
64 Chords

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