MLB99537M Fingerp. Dulcimer

MLB99537M Fingerp. Dulcimer
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This collection by Janita Baker contains 21 songs arranged in a fingerpicking style for the... mehr
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This collection by Janita Baker contains 21 songs arranged in a fingerpicking style for the mountain Dulcimer.
Fingerpicking Dulcimer offers a wide variety of musical genres and playing levels. Divided equally between arrangements for three and four equidistant strings, the songs progress in difficulty within each section from beginner to advanced level. Each piece is written in both standard music notation and Dulcimer tablature, and is accompanied by performance tips for playing that song.
Many arrangements utilize the 6 1/2 fret, and tunings range from standard modal tunings to four-string variations. The arrangements cover a wide range of song styles including traditional ragtime, blues, and classical standards.
Songs include: My Old Kentucky Home, Londonderry Air, All Through the Night, The Entertainer, Careless Love, House of the Rising Sun, Fur Elise and Bach's Minuet in G.
There is an extensive introduction on playing techniques for both left and right hands, tunings, reading tablature, and Dulcimer embellishments. The accompanying audio is an instrumental recording of solo Dulcimer, designed to give the student a note-for-note reference to each written arrangement while providing a performance-quality listening experience.

All Through The Night Traditional Welsh
Andante Sor, Fernando
Aura Lee Traditional
Binks Waltz Joplin, Scott
Careless Love Traditional
Country Gardens Traditional
Fur Elise Beethoven, Ludwig Van
Grandfathers Clock Work, Henry C.
Greensleeves Traditional
House Of The Rising Sun Traditional
In Christ There Is No East or West Traditional hymn 
Londonderry Air Traditional
Medley: The Minstrel Boy / Scotland the Brave Traditional
Minuet In G Major Bach, J. S.
My Old Kentucky Home Foster, Stephen
Ode To Joy Beethoven, Ludwig Van
Rondo Carulli, Fernando
Spanish Fandango Traditional
The Entertainer Joplin, Scott
The Old Piano Roll Blues Coben, Cy
The Ragtime Dance Joplin, Scott
Trumpet Voluntary Clarke, Jeremiah

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