MB96695BCD Learn to play

MB96695BCD Learn to play
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Hawaiian slack key guitar (Ki Ho'alu) is one of the world's great acoustic guitar traditions.... mehr
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Hawaiian slack key guitar (Ki Ho'alu) is one of the world's great acoustic guitar traditions. This tradition includes virtuoso guitar pieces, but the majority of songs played slack key are classic Hawaiian melodies either played as instrumentals or as accompaniment to vocals with instrumental breaks between the verses. The term 'slack key' does not refer to a type of guitar, but rather to any guitar played in the slack key style, that is, in alternate tunings with 'slacked' strings and fingerstyle technique. Acknowledged slack key master Keola Beamer is a member of a family known for its musical artistry for generations. We are fortunate to have him writing in conjunction with veteran Mel Bay author, educator and multi-instrumentalist Mark Nelson, who simply followed his love of the music to the Islands. Written in standard notation and tablature to accommodate numerous alternate tunings, this book is presented in four sections: 1) The most common tuning introduced by fairly easy songs; 2) Illustrations of how to build your own arrangements; 3) A presentation of various slack key tunings; and 4) A selection of duets in the slack key style. Historical and cultural insights are offered throughout in the spirit of aloha, producing an informative, musically enlightening book with soul and humor. The companion CD features tuning tracks and informal introductions of the audio content by the authors, plus some beautiful slack key music.

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Buch mit CD

Aloha - Keola Beamer
Foreword - George 'Keoki' Winston

History of Slack Key Guitar - Keola Beamer

How to Read Tablature

Ka Mua O Ka Mokuna - Section One
Getting Started
Taro Patch Tuning
Basic Fingerpicking Workout
The Hawaiian Turnaround
A Selection of Songs in Taro Patch Tuning

Ka Lua O Ka Mokuna - Section Two
Two Approaches to Creating Slack Key Arrangements
On Arranging
   Variations on a Theme
   Using Modulation

Ke Kolu O Ka Mokuna - Section Three
Selected Songs and Tunings Used in Ki Ho'alu
The Entire Instrument Sings
   C Wahine or Keola's C Tuning
Modified C Wahine
G Mauna Loa
C Major Tuning
D Wahine
How Keola Almost Missed Lunch
   Bb Wahine
   F Wahine
   G Sixth Tuning
   Double Slack

Ka Ha O Ka Mokuna - Section Four
   Duet Arrangements
   Then Everybody Looks At You Funny
      Akaka Falls
      Ki Ho'alu Mischief
      Tiare Tahiti


Annotated Discography
Guide To Pronouncing Hawai'ian
Author's Bios and Discographies
Recording Credits
Publishing Information

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