HL00641426 David Grisman 6 Cds

HL00641426 David Grisman 6 Cds
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Take lessons from a true mandolin master and take your playing in new and exciting directions!... mehr
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Take lessons from a true mandolin master and take your playing in new and exciting directions! Once dubbed 'The Paganini of the Mandolin' by the New York Times, David Grisman is an innovative and creative musician who has inspired a whole new genre of acoustic string instrumental music. He and his band, The David Grisman Quintet, have consistently won polls and awards, and headlined at jazz, folk and bluegrass festivals around the world.
On these six CDs, David Grisman leads you through all facets of 'Dawg Music,' the fusion of bluegrass, swing, Latin, Gypsy, blues and other musical forms that has earned him worldwide accolades. You'll learn amazing tunes, powerful technique and important pointers on all aspects of the mandolin.
This powerful course will help you in every style or genre you wish to play. David uses many of his most famous compositions to help you develop your mandolin musicianship, teaching the details of tremolo, crosspicking and rhythm comping as applied to bluegrass and swing styles. He takes you through the specifics of soloing, modal chord changes, position shifts, harmonic arpeggios and scales, transposing for the mandola, and much more. Each CD in this series is an invaluable resource for any level of student, from beginners to the most advanced players.
Tunes include: 'Sawing On The Strings,' 'Little Sadie,' 'Naima,' 'Fanny Hill,' 'Opus 38,' 'Opus 12,' Happy Birthday Bill Monroe,' 'Cedar Hill,' 'Japan,' 'Dawg's Bull,' 'Pneumonia,' 'Blue Midnight,' 'Dawgma,' 'Dawgmatism,' 'Dawg Funk,' '16/16,' 'Janice,' 'Dawg's Rag' and 'Dawgology.'
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