NGB207 Bluegrass Jamming on

NGB207 Bluegrass Jamming on
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Bluegrass Jamming on Mandolin is the first of a new series of easy and fun books by Wayne... mehr
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Bluegrass Jamming on Mandolin is the first of a new series of easy and fun books by Wayne Erbsen that teaches 31 bluegrass jam standards. It covers: how to jam with others, how to improvise and make up your own tasteful licks and fills, almost painless music theory, how to play harmony, how to transpose and play in different keys, and pretty much everything you'll need to march fearlessly into your next jam or picking session! This FUN book is fully illustrated with almost 200 vintage photos. All the books in the series will teach the same 31 tunes and will be 96 pages, 9' x 12' and will include an audio instructional CD.

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All the Good Times Are Past & Gone   
Back Up and Push   
Black-Eyed Susie   
Cherokee Shuffle   
Colleen Malone   
Columbus Stockade Blues   
Dark Hollow   
Deep Elem Blues   
East Virginia   
Footprints in the Snow   
Hand Me Down My Walking Cane   
High on a Mountain   
I am a Pilgrim   
I've Just Seen The Rock Of Ages   
John Henry   
Just Oer in the Gloryland   
Katie Dear   
Little Birdie   
Lonesome Road Blues   
Love of the Mountains   
Mama Don's Allow   
Man of Constant Sorrow   
More Pretty Girls Than One   
Pig in a Pen   
Pretty Polly   
Red Rocking Chair   
Rocky Road Blues   
Roll on Buddy   
Run and Hide   
Sittin' on Top of the World   
Working on a Building

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