MLB20835M Getting in Jazz Mand

MLB20835M Getting in Jazz Mand
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MLB20835M Getting into Jazz Mandolin Ted Eschliman Book and Online Audio Getting Into... mehr
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MLB20835M Getting into Jazz Mandolin Ted Eschliman Book and Online Audio

Getting Into Jazz Mandolin is a breakthrough approach that takes four uncomplicated fretboard patterns (FFcP) and drills a physical familiarity into the player's fingers, softening the fear of upper frets and preparing for the harmonic alterations necessary for the effective and intuitive playing of more complex contemporary music.
No longer confined to basic folk genres, any mandolinist aspiring to a broader comprehension of music, including swing, blues, pop, choro, broadway and even classical can expand his or her playing through a working knowledge of jazz fundamentals.
Following a brief introduction to modes, the player is eased into jamming with audio accompaniment, and eventually an initiation into the most fundamental jazz chord progression of all, the 'ii V7 I' pattern. From the horizontal (melody) to the vertical (chords) and back, the results are an instinctive and physical grasp of tonal centers and the improvisational fodder of effective performing.
The exercises in Getting Into Jazz Mandolin place an emphasis on pinky strength, finger control and sustain, and the book's exercises also develop the player's concepts of tone and melody. This book includes access to online audio. Further supportive resources including MP3 audio tracks are also available on the internet.

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