HL09970700 Hot Peas + Barley-O

HL09970700 Hot Peas + Barley-O
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An exciting and informative collection of children's songs and games, all selected from the... mehr
Informationen zum Produkt "HL09970700 Hot Peas + Barley-O"

An exciting and informative collection of children's songs and games, all selected from the Scottish traditions since the 1950s, and complete with a CD of delightful accompaniments.
From skipping songs and jump-rope chants to singing games, riddles and rhymes, this anthology of activities mines the rich resources of the Scottish playgrounds of yesteryear, presenting this valuable folk material for a whole new generation to learn and enjoy.
The songs are not only a great way for the young to learn about rhythm and coordination, but they are also a vital stage in learning to socialise and form friendships, providing a collective pool of games that everyone knows and loves.
Teaching notes and suggestions are included to aid group-learning and provide support.


  • Adam And Eve (And Pinch-Me)
  • As I Gaed Down To Castle Brae
  • Away Down East, Away Down West
  • Dic-Dictation
  • Down By The Green Grass
  • Down To The Baker Shop
  • Eachy Peachy Pelly Plum
  • Eetle Ottle Black Bottle
  • Granny In The Kitchen
  • Here Comes A Bluebird
  • Hot Peas And Barley-O
  • I Am A Monkey
  • I Married Me A Wife
  • I Went To The Pictures Tomorrow
  • I'm A Bone-Legged Chicken
  • I'm The Monster Of The Loch Ness
  • In And Out The Dusty Bluebellls
  • Jeannie Had A Little Lamb
  • London Bridge
  • Mother, Mother, I Am Ill
  • My Mother Baked A Nice Seedy Cake
  • On The Mountain Stands A Lady
  • Queen Alexandra Has Lost Her Gold Ring
  • Rosy Apple, Lemon And A Pear
  • Tea Without Sugar
  • Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear
  • There Came A Girl From France
  • There Were Three Jolly Sailor Boys
  • There's A Little Sandy Girl
  • Today Is Hogmanay
  • Vote, Vote, Vote
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