OAK10006 The Bells of Rhymney

OAK10006 The Bells of Rhymney
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The Bells of Rhymney and other songs and stories from the singing of Pete Seeger. Folk songs,... mehr
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The Bells of Rhymney and other songs and stories from the singing of Pete Seeger. Folk songs, favorite songs, original songs, folk tales, and songs of other lands. More than 80 songs with words, tunes, and guitar chords. Pete Seeger's introductory notes and illustrations and photographs by Dan Seeger.


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  • A New Day
  • Abiyoyo
  • Aimee Mcpherson
  • Another Man Done Gone
  • Banks Of Marble
  • Brandy, Leave Me Alone
  • Bring Me A Little Water, Silvy
  • Danville Girl
  • Declaration Of Independence
  • Didn't Old John
  • Die Gedanken Sind Frei
  • Djankoye
  • East Virginia
  • El Dia De Tu Santo
  • Equinoxial
  • Farther Along
  • Furusato
  • Get Up And Go
  • Ground Hog
  • Guantanamera
  • Hard Rain's A-gonna Fall
  • Harry Simms
  • He Lies In The American Land
  • Here's To The Couple
  • Hey Li Lee Lo
  • Hey, You Little Brand New Baby
  • Hieland Laddie
  • How Can I Keep From Singing
  • I Never Will Marry
  • I'm On My Way
  • In The Evening
  • I've Got To Know
  • Jam On Gerry's Rocks
  • Jay Gould's Daughter
  • Jefferson And Liberty
  • Johnny Riley
  • Keep My Skillet Good And Greasy
  • Lady Margaret
  • Little Birdie
  • Little Boxes
  • Living In The Country
  • Money Is King
  • My Sweetheart's The Mule In The Mines
  • Never Wed An Old Man
  • No Irish Need Apply
  • Oh, I Had A Golden Thread
  • One Grain Of Sand
  • One Man's Hands
  • Over The Hills
  • Pastures Of Plenty
  • Pay Day At Coal Creek
  • Peat Bog Soldiers
  • Pretty Saro
  • River Of My People
  • Roll On, Columbia
  • Sally, My Dear
  • Shalom Chaverim
  • Suliram
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • T For Texas
  • Talking Atom
  • Talking Union
  • Tell Me What Month Was My Jesus Born In
  • Texian Boys
  • The Bells Of Rhymney
  • The Black Fly
  • The Foolish Frog
  • The Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly
  • There Was A Man And He Was Mad
  • This Little Light Of Mine
  • To My Old Brown Earth
  • Tumbalalaika
  • Turn, Turn, Turn
  • Un Canadien Errant
  • Union Maid
  • United Nations Make A Chain
  • Viva La Quince Brigada
  • Wasn't That A Time
  • Way Out There
  • We Shall Overcome
  • Where Have All The Flowers Gone?
  • Wimoweh
  • Windy Old Weather
  • Won't You Go Down, Old Hannah
  • Woody's Rag
  • Worried Man Blues
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