MB96191BCD Irish Tin

MB96191BCD Irish Tin
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An extremely well-written, thorough study into contemporary and traditional tinwhistle music... mehr
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An extremely well-written, thorough study into contemporary and traditional tinwhistle music and performance. Included are chapters on fundamentals, ornamentation and more. Includes an accompaniment CD

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A Fig For a Kiss   
After the Sun Goes Down   
Agnus Dei   
Alexander's Hornpipe   
Another Jig Will Do!   
Barrack Hill   
Behind The Bush In The Garden   
Bonnie Kate   
Brian The Brave (Poll Hapenny)   
Captain Oneill's   
Come In From The Rain   
Dan McCarthy's Fancy   
Dogs of the Town   
Dress Her Out In Fine Clothes   
Dunphy's Hornpipe   
Father Dollard's Hornpipe   
Father Jack Walsh (Tatter Jack Walsh)   
Garden of Daisies   
Get Up Old Woman and Shake Yourself   
Harvest Home   
Humors of Glendart   
Jenny Picking Cockles   
Jenny's Wedding   
Larry Grogan   
Madam Bonaparte   
Man of the House   
Maude Miller   
Miss McCleod   
Miss McDonald   
Miss Thornton's Reel   
Mollie McCarthy   
Molly Put The Kettle On   
Mooncoin Jig   
O'Connell's Lamentation   
Off She Goes!   
Oh! Hag You Have Killed Me   
Over The Moor To Maggie   
Sailor On The Rock (Johnny With The Queer Thing)   
Sam's Girls   
Sheebeg Sheemore   
Smash The Windows   
Sweet Biddy Daly   
Swinging Round The Circle   
The Belfast Hornpipe   
The Belfast Lasses   
The Butcher's March   
The Cameronian Reel   
The Chanter's Tune   
The Cork Hornpipe   
The Dear Irish Dog   
The Fermoy Lasses   
The First NIght In America   
The Flogging Reel   
The Four-Hand Reel   
The Girl Who Broke My Heart   
The Green Groves of Erin   
The Green Mountain   
The Hag By The Fire   
The Honeysuckle   
The Hornless Cow   
The Humors of Ballyconnell   
The Humors of Whiskey   
The Hunt   
The Liverpool Hornpipe   
The Maid On The Green   
The Merry Blacksmith   
The Merry Harriers   
The Monaghan Jig   
The Musical Priest   
The New Potatoes   
The Newmarried Couple   
The Primrose Lass   
The Quarrelsome Piper   
The Queen of the Fair   
The Reel of Mullinavat   
The rights of Man   
The Salamanca Reel   
The Shannon Breeze (Rolling on the Ryegrass)   
The Smoky House   
The Stile of Ballglanders   
The Tailor's Wedding (The Legacy Jig)   
The Teetotaller's Reel   
The Templehouse   
The Threepenny Bit   
The Turn Key   
The Turnpike Gate   
The Walls of Liscarroll   
The Yellow Little Dog   
Tie The Ribbons   
Tobin's Favorite   
Tomgraney Castle   
Trim The Velvet   
Up Stairs In A Tent
Wheels of the World
When I Followed A Lass
Woman of the House

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