HL00695901 Ukulele Fretboard

HL00695901 Ukulele Fretboard
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Hal Leonard HL00695901 Ukulele Ftreboard by Fred Sokoloff and Jim Beloff Improve your... mehr
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Hal Leonard HL00695901 Ukulele Ftreboard by Fred Sokoloff and Jim Beloff

Improve your ukulele playing with Fretboard Roadmaps, your guide to the essential patterns that all great uke players know and use!

Each chapter presents a pattern and shows you how to use it, while also giving you playing tips and uke insights. A specially recorded CD with fifty-nine demonstration and play-along tracks illustrates the tunes and exercises written in standard notation and tablature.

Absolute beginners will be able to follow the diagrams and instruction from the beginning, while intermediate players can use the chapters non-sequentially to increase their understanding of the ukulele.

You will learn how to:

  • Strum backup chords anywhere on the fretboard, in any key
  • Play chord solos up and down the fretboard
  • Sol in any key using first-position major scales, chord-based licks, and movable major and blues scales
  • Understand chord progressions
  • Increase your chord vocabulary

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