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DG250M Fichte Ahorn Gitane DG250M Fichte Ahorn Gitane
Saga Gitane DG250M A faithful recreation of a rare original vintage Selmer guitar as played by and a favorite of John Jorgenson. 'I took it with me to Samois...and it held its own in many a jam session, with a lead tone audible over as...
1.125,89 € *
D500 Gitane Maccaferri Style D500 Gitane Maccaferri Style
Saga Gitane D500 Maccaferri Guitar Fans of Gypsy-Jazz guitar as well as guitar aficionados of every stripe will applaud Saga's re-introduction of the classic Selmer-Maccaferri style jazz guitar...the NEW Gitane D-500! All measurements...
960,18 € *
DG255 Gitane Jazz Selmer Style DG255 Gitane Jazz Selmer Style
Sure to be popular with any Gypsy Jazz guitar player. The Gitane DG-255 is a faithful recreation of the Selmer-style jazz guitar that replaced the original Maccaferri design of the early 1930's. Easy recognizable in early photos of...
964,08 € *
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