StraightUpStrings - 2700H 13-545 heavy Phosphor Br

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2700H heavy gauge: .013 .0165 .0235 .034 .045 .0555 A major paradigm shift in... mehr
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2700H heavy gauge: .013 .0165 .0235 .034 .045 .0555

A major paradigm shift in musical string design, Straight Up Strings for guitar is an exciting new development that features compensated torque loads to balance the twisting force that acts upon the bridge. These unique strings boast a phosphor bronze wrap wire and offer 5 key features:

1) Each strings linear tension is compensated relative to their location on the bridge as well as to adjacent strings to balance the torque (twisting) action of the bridge;

2) Core-to-wrap wire combinations are engineered to improve brightness, sustain, balance, and tone color between the plain B string and the wound D string;

3) Compensated tensions deliver improved intonation on all strings;

4) Equal feel for picking choking, bending, and fretting;

5) Tensions and torque loads are calculated on a bell-shaped curve to adjust for ISO 226-2003 equal-loudness contours.

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