M150 Original Bronze Medium

M150 Original Bronze Medium
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Martin M150 Originals sind  80/20 Bronze Saiten in medium tension... mehr
Informationen zum Produkt "M150 Original Bronze Medium"

Martin M150 Originals sind  80/20 Bronze Saiten in medium tension


Tension 189.6

Bronzesaiten sind etwas gelblich. Sie klingen sehr brilliant,werden aber etwas schneller dumpf als Phosphor Bronze Saiten.

Bronze ist eine Legierung aus Kupfer und Zink 80/20 beduetet dann 80%Kupfer und 20% Zink.

Martin Originals acoustic guitar strings are designed for players looking for a traditional tone and feel. For generations, Martin has set the standard for acoustic guitar tone and prescision manufacturing. Thoses values are reflected in our string design and maufacturing process. That´s why we make our own.

The string that started it all 50 years ago is now back by popular demand. Martins original M170, M175, M140  and M150 strings, with 80/20 composition, are ideally suited for players who love deep, rich bass tones and clear, bright trebles. Providing brilliance and clarity, Martin M140s are perfect for daily use and all playing styles.

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