EFT76 Mandola Flat Tops PhBr

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Mandolasaiten Phosphor bronze Flat Tops A1 16 - D2 024 - G3 35 - C4 53 DAddario... mehr
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  • Mandolasaiten
  • Phosphor bronze Flat Tops
  • A1 16 - D2 024 - G3 35 - C4 53

DAddario EFT76s are designed and gauged for the mandola. Flat Top strings are round wound, then precision ground, leaving the outer surface smooth and semi-flat. This produces a smooth, flattened playing surface, but does not sacrifice the warm tone and sustain associated with phosphor bronze strings. Flat Tops are excellent for recording and greatly reduce finger noise.

DAddarios advanced manufacturing proccesses enables the use of different materials and methods for string grinding, flattening, polishing, and more. Utilizing these innovative technologies creates a variety of strings that are better suited for particular genres, performance styles, and personal playing preferences.

Flat Top mandola strings
Loopend construction for universal fit
Preferred for its warm, bright, and well balanced acoustic tone
Medium Gauge
Made in the U.S.A. for the highest quality and performance

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