5150 III LBX-S stealth 15 Watt

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EVH 5150 III 15 Watt Lunchbox-S in stealth black Maße (H x B x T): 17,8 x 32,5 x 15,9 cm... mehr
Informationen zum Produkt "5150 III LBX-S stealth 15 Watt"

EVH 5150 III 15 Watt Lunchbox-S in stealth black

Maße (H x B x T): 17,8 x 32,5 x 15,9 cm

7,3 kg

The EVH 5150III 15W LBX-S Head packs legendary tone into a diminutive 15-watt amp.

A crossbreed between the LBXI and the LBXII, the seductively dark stealth LBX-S blends the Green “clean” channel with the Red “full burn” channel for a sonically diverse soundscape — from pristine cleans that soar to that sizzling modern Brit sound with high-gain attitude.

Armed with four JJ ECC83S (12AX7) preamp tubes and two JJ EL84 power tubes, this easy-to-carry lunchbox head also includes dual-concentric gain and volume controls for precise and independent control of each channel, as well as shared EQ presence and resonance controls.

Dial in a crystal clean tone or turn the gain up for a bluesier counterpart on the Green channel, and hit the one-button footswitch to select the Red channel for a no-nonsense, scorching overdriven tone that sets leads ablaze with sustain for days.

Bedroom players can utilize the 1/4-power switch to reduce the head to 3.5 watts and avoid disturbing the rest of the household, while studio and live musicians can leverage this same feature to turn up the head for a squeezed and spongy tone. This amp is also equipped with dual parallel speaker output jacks, effects loop and one-button footswitch.

Boasting exceptional construction, fierce tone and distinctive style, the wildly fun LBX-S Head features a black front panel and black metal grill cage with the Stealth EVH-striped motif. Unique to the LBX-S, this head also has internal LED backlighting that illuminates the cage in either green or red to match the selected channel. And just like all Stealth models, the LBX-S has been modded to include an adjustable bias control port.

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