Fender - FXA7 PRO IEM Black In Ear Mon

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2-Wege InEar Hörer - Made in Nashville / USA (Bild 3 zeigt die 'goldene' Variation -... mehr
Informationen zum Produkt "Fender - FXA7 PRO IEM Black In Ear Mon"

2-Wege InEar Hörer - Made in Nashville / USA

(Bild 3 zeigt die 'goldene' Variation - geliefert wird die schwarze Version)

mit 9,25 mm HDBA Präzisions-Treiber
Generic Fit
Impedanz: 16 Ohm
Maximalpegel: 110 dB @ 1 kHz @ 1mW
Frequenzbereich: 6 - 24000 Hz
ca. 22 dB Außengeräuschdämpfung
abnehmbares Kabel
3,5 mm Stereoklinke
Farbe: Schwarz Metallic
inkl. verschiedener Ohrpolster und Transport Case

Designed for a premium listening experience and transparent reproduction, the FXA7 in-ear monitor is engineered for pure performance. Enjoy lush, realistic audio from these comfortable, low-profile slimline-style monitors designed and hand-assembled in Nashville and featuring patented technology. Articulate performance, luxurious comfort and precision clarity dance in perfect harmony in these in-ear monitors.

At the heart of the FXA7 in-ear monitor is the patented Hybrid-Dynamic and Balanced Armature (HDBA) Array. A pair of tweeters is specifically designed to match a custom 9.25mm precision rare-earth driver and Groove-tuned port-all working in perfect harmony. By combining drivers designed to cover specific bandwidths with precision driver orientation thanks to the 3D-printed housing, we eliminate the need for a crossover, increasing audio performance while reducing weight. This unique configuration generates transparent audio with punchy bass, rich mids and crisp high end with a frequency response from 6Hz-24kHz. Highly sensitive, these monitors generate 110dB @1mW for crystal-clear, distortion-free audio with plenty of headroom. Ideal for almost any listening situation with 16-ohm +/-10% @1kHz impedance, they can be driven by a smartphone for a premium listening experience. Eliminating up to 22dB of ambient noise, they reduce interference while simultaneously protecting your hearing from the strong transients that can occur in a live environment.

The 3D-printed housing is the result of scanning thousands of ears to create a hybrid custom/universal fit. 3D printing allows the IEM's curves to better match the natural contours of the ear for a tighter, more comfortable fit than traditional injection molding. The 3D-printed housing fits 95% of ears like a custom-molded monitor and when combined with the cushion-like comfort of secure-fitting tips, they are ideal for long playing sessions. The detachable MMCXi silver-plated, low-oxygen cable offers low signal loss along with square connectors that are easy to grip, even when exposed to moisture. Includes a deluxe carrying case, 1/8 to ¼' adapter, acoustic filter earplugs, secure-fitting tips assortment for the perfect fit, a cleaning tool and cable.

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