KG6LT LowTens 6-string QuicKCh

KG6LT LowTens 6-string QuicKCh
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Kyser Low Tension Quick Change Kapodaster für Akustik- und E-Gitarre (6-saitig) Material:... mehr
Informationen zum Produkt "KG6LT LowTens 6-string QuicKCh"

Kyser Low Tension Quick Change Kapodaster für Akustik- und E-Gitarre (6-saitig)
Material: Aluminium
Farbe: schwarz

Todays low-action guitars require a lighter touch. Applying too much pressure can cause the guitar to go out of tune prematurely. That’s why Kyser developed the Low-Tension Capo. When it comes to low-action guitars, less tension means less tuning. The Low-Tension Quick-Change Capo has 25% less spring tension and features the same legendary design that musicians have trusted for years. The matte blackout finish now features a small “LT” marking to help guitarists identify it easily. The Kyser Low-Tension Quick-Change Capo works on both acoustic and electric 6-string guitars. Kyser capos are handcrafted in Texas and guaranteed for life.The beauty of the Kyser Quick-Change capo is in its simplicity. Kyser pioneered this design and although often imitated, a Kyser is never equaled. There is no substitute for a genuine Kyser Quick-Change capo. Made by hand in Texas, USA.

Der Quick-Change Low Tension Einhandkapodaster ist schnell und einfach zu bedienen.
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