CD1535 Open Back Case Bump

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Für Open Back Banjo im 11er Rim Golden Gate also offers a full line of contemporary... mehr
Informationen zum Produkt "CD1535 Open Back Case Bump"

Für Open Back Banjo im 11er Rim

Golden Gate also offers a full line of contemporary designed hardshell instrument cases. Each Premier model case offers the highest level of protection one expects from a quality wood hardshell case, but all at a price that lets you focus on the instrument you plan on putting inside. All acoustic version cases are made with arched tops to further enhance the level of solid protection these cases provide.

Heavy duty 5-ply wood core structure provides strength and protection for your banjo whether in transit or in storage
Ultra-strong arched top construction delivers even more protection than standard flat top cases
Dense foam padding and black plush lines the interior and accessory pocket to ensure that your banjo remains safe on the inside
Triple gold plated brass hardware and lockable latches stand up to repeated use and provide additional security
Specifically designed for the 11 inch openback banjo

Closure / Hardware Type Multiple Brass Latches / Gold-plated
Construction Multi-Ply Wood Core
Exterior Black Tolex
Exterior Pocket No
Handle & Straps Contoured Molded ABS Handle
Hygrometer / Thermometer No
Interior Padded Black Plush
Interior Compartment Yes
Shape (Sizes) Openback

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