CV double E-Guitar Gigbag bk

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Reunion Blues Continental Voyager CV double E-Gitarren Gigbag Super Qualität.... mehr
Informationen zum Produkt "CV double E-Guitar Gigbag bk"

Reunion Blues Continental Voyager CV double E-Gitarren Gigbag

Super Qualität.

passenend für die meisten E-Gitarren

wassserdichtes Außenmaterial, abgedichtete Reißverschlüssel

super Rucksacksystem (verdeckbar)

wiegt ca. 4,8kg

Innenlänge ca. 101,6cm

Innenbreite Instrumentenschulter ca. 33,02cm

Innenbreite Inrtumentenhüfte ca. 35,56 cm

Innenhöhe jeweils ca. 7,62cm

Artikeltext RB:

When we launched the RB Continental back in 2008 (literally, from the top of a three story building) we had no idea that we'd be the vanguard of a new era in protective cases that would transform the expectations of professional and hobbyist musicians all over the world. With the RB Continental Voyager series, we're excited to up the ante once again.

We've refined and revised our shock absorbing and impact-resistant Flexoskeleton with an efficient internal structure that maintains our high standard of protection while reducing weight and bulk dramatically. We've further articulated our Quadraweave exterior with a modern Black Heather texture that wears well and looks great. We've also re-designed the interior bracing system with an adjustable neck block and the addition of user-configurable protector pads at the endpin.

All of the great ergonomic features of the original RB Continental are evident and even improved in the new Voyager series. Our Zero G handle still feels as weightless as ever, but we've added an edge seam to improve longevity and durability. Our adjustable, hideaway backpack is even more comfortable than ever.

Most importantly, we've consistently maintained our high standards for quality craftsmanship that we established back in the 1970s when we created the first professionally accepted gig bag. We use industrial-grade high-tensile thread, reversed water-resistant zippers, abrasion and scuff resistant corded edges and seams, EVA backed material, and internally reinforced structure in those high stress

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