Striker Standard Gold 2,5mm

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Gratvity GGSRS25 Striker Standard Gold 2,5mm polshed The Gold Series is the... mehr
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Gratvity GGSRS25 Striker Standard Gold 2,5mm polshed

The Gold Series is the premium line offered by Gravity Guitar Picks. Through years of research and development with the most premium synthetic materials, we are proud to finally unveil The Gold Series to the masses. Our beveling system used with The Gold Series enables us to shape each piece with exceptional precision. The logo and pick information is laser-engraved following the shaping process. The picks in The Gold Series come with a premium price tag and are meant for the player who wants a pick made with the finest material and craftsmanship available. This line compares with top boutique picks such as Red Bear and Blue Chip, which are the same price or significantly higher. The material is a high grade thermoplastic which is amazingly wear-resistant and has a great grip. There is a sizable difference in volume when compared with a normal pick, enabling you to cut through the mix.


polished Tan

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