Saddle Thumb Pick Ouch Less

Saddle Thumb Pick Ouch Less
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Der einzige Daumenpick der sich völlig an den Daumen anpassbar ist. kommt in verschiedenen... mehr
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Der einzige Daumenpick der sich völlig an den Daumen anpassbar ist.

kommt in verschiedenen Farben

Die Saite lässt sich auch von 'unten' anschlagen ohne dass sich der Pick in der Saiten verhaken kann.

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Introducing the SaddleThumb picks, an innovative new thumb pick that is comfortable to use, stays in place, yet won't snag on strings. Invented by a bluegrass banjo player that was tired of trying to use the common thumb picks available, the SaddleÖ thumb pick is a pleasure to use for the electric guitar, acoustic guitar, banjo, resophonic guitar, pedal steel, autoharp and any other stringed instrument that uses a thumb pick.

Because the Saddle Pick is not a clamp on the thumb (like conventional picks) it can be rotated to any position ,even 360°, so with the filling in on the bottom of the pick, the pick can be rotated so it is in the same location as the conventional pick or any other custom location the picker desires. Because it works like a thimble and not a clamp it is truly versatile in yet one more dimension.

Self adjustable size
One size fits all
Tuneable pick point
Greater control of point
Reversible for right or left handed players
Fits in your wallet
Light weight
Cushion at cuticle
Axially postitionable
Higher visibility of point
Won't snag on strings
Won't come off on the back stroke


Sizing Instructions

1. Thread strap point through head
2. Insert playing thumb through loop and position pick for playing. Pull strap until pick feels snug (not tight)
3. Pull pick off thumb and mark point where strap emerges from window.
4. Remove strap from pick by pressing down on top of strap where it enters pick. Trim away strap end with nail clippers removing your mark
5. Re-insert strap and use pick to insure it is at desired comfort and position
6. Add Velcro pad by marking inside loop where strap enters pick. Remove strap again and peel film from pad. Attach pad starting at mark. Re-insert strap and play.
7. To permanently attach strap, remove strap and first apply glue (no super glue here) to tip end of strap before insertion. Turn over and add a drop of glue into window on bottom. Be sure no glue is on outside of window. Let glue cure before playing. Use a glue that dries hard (wood glue, plastic or epoxy)

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