RC148 Roundcore DRC942

RC148 Roundcore DRC942
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Dogal RC148 9-42 Phosphor Bronze Saite mit rundem Kern deutlich besseres... mehr
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Dogal RC148 9-42 Phosphor Bronze Saite mit rundem Kern

deutlich besseres Schwingungsverhalten und mehr Sustain

09-11-16(plain, unumsponnen)-24-32-42

The principle advantage that every String of the Dogal Round Core line offers is that, thanks to the round-section core, the tension of the string is considerable less than those of the competition. (This fact translates, among other things, into a consistently lower stress that is imposed upon the structure of the instrument, and unto the string itself, with all the advantages that this offers.)
The main obstacle that has impeded the widespread industrialization of the round core concept is the fact that machines are unable to correctly guide and apply the winding (a thin ribbon of special steel alloy that is completely free of any onto this type of superficial roughness) onto this type of core and offer so to speak an industrial advantage. The exclusive properties of this alloy, conceived by Dogal expressly for the round core strings, thus render simply inconceivable the idea that these strings could be 'cloned' and mass produced .
.because the Dogal Round Core Strings are made entirely by hand: anyone who uses them on their Instrument immediately perceives how the tension is considerably less than other Strings on the market, thanks to the particular virtues of the special steel alloy and the round core.

The round core not only permits tuning at a lower String tension, but eliminates the risk of air molecules penetrating between the spires of the winding and the core and favoring oxidation of the Strings (see red areas in Fig. 1 and 2 ). This not only allows the String itself to last longer, but also offers the following advantages:
1) The sustain is increased by up to and over 40%;
2) Stable dynamics of the whole range as well as perfect intonation;
3) Clean sound quality and quick responsiveness;
4) A brilliant yet deep timbre.
..Maybe it would have been quicker, and just as true, to simply state that the characteristics of Dogal Round Core Strings guarantee easy playability, pleasure to the ear, and a long String life; but at Dogal Strings we're actually quite proud of our Round Core Strings and we would like you to be so too

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