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PTDVD01 Rockabilly Slap Bass PTDVD01 Rockabilly Slap Bass
Pete Turland gets more out of a standup bass than any other player I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. He's easily the most innovative and charismatic slapper in Canada and probably the US as well. He brings respect to an often...
35,08 € *
HL00641950 Intermediate Blue- HL00641950 Intermediate Blue-
If you've already tried a little Bluegrass Jamming, found your first few chords and tested a handful of tunes, Pete Wernick and an All-Star Bluegrass Band now give you the chance to progress to the next level. With ample soloing...
29,20 € *
TFDVD01 Beginning Upright Bass TFDVD01 Beginning Upright Bass
A great primer for the beginning upright bass player taught in Tammy Fassaert's clear, concise teaching style. Let bluegrass musician Tammy Fassaert introduce you to the upright bass in her articulate, relaxed manner. Some of what you...
36,06 € *
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